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RUD Components, Hand Chain Blocks, Lever Hoists, Hand Pallet Trucks, Electric Hoists, Chain Slings and more...


View our product range

Vertical Fall Protection, Horizontal Fall Protection, Personal Fall Protection Equipment and more...

Lifting Equipment


RUD Components
High Tensile Eyebolt (PDF Document)
STARPOINT – Eyenut VRM for bolts with min. quality class 10.9 (PDF Document)
Eyenut RM Standard application for bolts with min. quality class 8.8 (PDF Document)
Excavator hook VABH-B for bolting (PDF Document)
Excavator hook VCGH-G for bolting (PDF Document)
Excavator hook VCGH-S for welding (PDF Document)
Excavator hook VABH-W for welding (PDF Document)
PowerPoint® WPP / WPPH for welding (PDF Document)
PowerPoint® PP-S / PP-B / PP-VIP (PDF Document)
Load Ring VLBG for bolting (PDF Document)
Load Ring for bolting VRBG / RBG (PDF Document)
Load Ring for 90° corners VRBK for welding (PDF Document)
Load Ring for welding VLBS (PDF Document)
Load Ring for welding with locking device VRBSS (PDF Document)
Lashing chains in Quality Grade 10-VIP VIP-VSK (PDF Document)
Lifting points bolted WBG-V / WBG (PDF Document)
Sling Chains (PDF Document)
VIP-Multishortening claw VMVK (PDF Document)

Lifting Machines
Hand Chain Blocks
Lever Hoists
Trolley & Beam Clamps
Lifting / Pulling Machines

Hydraulic Equipment
Hand Pallet Trucks
Cylinders & Pumps
Hydraulic Jacks


Electric Hoists
STAHL ST Electric Hoists (PDF Document)
Demag DC Pro Electric Hoists (PDF Document)
HAKI DM200APE Hoist 110V + B3 Ext. 34 Bracket (PDF Document)
HAKI DM300/AP Elefantino (PDF Document)
HAKI DM300/E 300KG Gantry Hoist (PDF Document)
HAKI DM500/E 500KG Gantry Hoist (PDF Document)


Chain Slings
PEWAG Grade 10 Chain Slings (PDF Document)

Webbing Slings
Webbing Slings & Round Slings

Shackles (PDF Document)

Eyebolts (PDF Document)